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Maria Walden

Real Estate Advisor

Maria was born in Guayaquil Ecuador, a metropolitan city in South America. At the age of 3, Maria’s family relocated to New Jersey in search of more opportunities and a better quality of life.

Maria’s love of adventure and travel started at an early age. By the age of 5, she began traveling by herself to Ecuador to visit her family and to immerse herself in the culture and language of her native country. These travels were instrumental in shaping Maria’s worldly and independent nature. This experience helped develop a deep sense of gratitude and helped her to understand, appreciate, and value the many opportunities here in the United States.

At the age of 16, Maria was offered a hosting position at the landmark Palm Beach restaurant, Cucina Dell’Arte. Working at Cucina throughout college built relationships for Maria with customers, many who became friends and still remain in contact now through real estate. Growing up locally, Maria understands Palm Beach and its surroundingĀ area like an “almost” native.

Maria has an arsenal of hidden talents. She was hired at the fire department at the age of 19 where she worked in the operating room in critical blood loss cases. Maria is a registered nurse and also holds personal training certifications.

In her free time from the fire department, Maria started investing in real estate for herself and soon developed a personal portfolio of rental properties both in Florida and out of state. Realizing her passion for real estate was a natural fit for her, she’s a veteran from the fire department to pursue a career in real estate full time. From personal experience of multiple transactions, Maria became very familiar with the process of assessing property, negotiating purchase price, and acquiring the right lender for the right property.

Maria’s background in firefighting gives her an edge when it comes to real estate. Her list of skills include quick thinking, area familiarization, ability to understand building construction, and realizing potential hazards and ways to make the best of a situation all play a part when Maria is working with you to buy or sell your home.

If you are looking to rent seasonally, buy, sell, or invest in real estate don’t hesitate to call Maria to expedite and have a smooth transaction.

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